Brookmont named "Manager of the Decade" by PSN Informa

Asset Management

The most important aspect of an investment plan is allocation of assets. Brookmont offers full asset management services that include investments in four separate asset classes: Equities, Fixed Income, Short-Term Investments, and Real Estate (REITs).


We offer three distinct Equity Strategies (Dividend Equity Strategy, Core Dividend Strategy, and Dividend Growth Strategy) emphasizing common stocks that distribute above-average dividend income and offer potential capital gains. The holdings include small through large-capitalization stocks and may be domestic or foreign domiciled.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income portfolio construction consists of investment-grade taxable and tax-free bonds with a primary objective of current income and capital preservation. Our main objective is achieved through in-depth credit work on each fixed income security - focusing on yield while maintaining tight restrictions on credit quality. Our experience in the bond market allows us to utlize active management in finding inefficiencies and taking advantage of them

Risk Management

Risk is managed by owning low-correlated securities, investment grade bonds, and a maximum weighting in economic sectors and individual holdings.

From Trust Accounts to IRA's

Brookmont is experienced in managing a wide variety of custom portfolios: Investment Management Accounts, IRA's, Tax-Exempt Organizations, Trust Accounts, and Corporations.