Brookmont named "Manager of the Decade" by PSN Informa

Dividend Growth Strategy

The firm's hallmark portfolio  that provides above-average current yield and is focused on long-term total return. The Strategy includes mid and large-cap companies with a blend of value, core, and growth stocks. 






Dividend Growth Strategy

Quality Growth Strategy

A dynamic portfolio that places more value on annual dividend growth than current yield. The Strategy is not restricted by a minimum yield requirement and allows the portfolio to hold stock in companies that are experiencing accelerated growth in revenue and earnings.





Quality Growth Strategy

Global Equity Strategy

The firm’s first International Portfolio invests in dividend paying companies domiciled outside of the United States. The Portfolio seeks to maximize risk-adjusted returns and is unrestricted by market cap, equity style and region (ex-US).  For more information, please contact Brookmont via email

Brookmont Equity Dividend Unit Investment Trusts

Brookmont Capital has partnered with First Trust Portfolios, LP and serves as an advisor for a series of Unit Investment Trust portfolios (UIT) that focus on dividend-centric equities. The Brookmont Equity Dividend UIT funds are offered by First Trust and are available for purchase through national and regional brokerage firms. 


Click on the link below for information on the currently available UIT fund. You will be forwarded to the First Trust website.