Market Outlook and Views of the Economy

Read about our thoughts on the market and how we are positioned to take advantage of future opportunities

Delayed Demand, Inflation, and Political Uncertainty

3rd Quarter 2021 firm commentary 


Interest Rates and Vaccination Rate Volatility Brings Buying Opportunities

Inflation fears and stalling unemployment have led to a volatile market, presenting buying opportunities for quality companies


The Importance of Pricing Power

Inelasticity of Demand and Pricing Power Reduces Inflationary Pressures


Speculative Assets Make News, Cyclicals Make Returns
Interest rate movements are causing a broad value rotation as the 10-year Treasury Rate rose 87%

2021 Market Commentary

The Great Lockdown resulted in a 31.4% decrease in annualized US real GDP in the second quarter. This, however, marked the bottom of the recessionary trough with real GDP rebounding 33.4% in the third quarter.


The Great Value Rotation

The work from home displacement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a peak in the Price to Earnings ratio of the Russell 1000 Growth...


2nd Quarter 2020 Commentary

During the 2nd Quarter of 2020, the market........


Rise of the Quarantined Day Trader

The COVID-19 lockdowns and zero commission brokerage accounts.....


Not All Dividends Are Created Equal

When searching for “quality” long-term investments, some of the most important and easily quantified measurements are those....


COVID-19 Update

The first four days of the week of March 23rd.....


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