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Brookmont’s disciplined approach finds value, strength and growth through unique insights and analysis.

Dividend Growth Strategy

Since 2008, our award-winning Dividend Growth Strategy has exhibited superior long-term performance. This has been accomplished through highly selective, appropriately diversified portfolios that provide above-average current yield and are focused on dividend growth leading to superior long-term total return. The Strategy includes well-run mid and large cap companies across all sectors of the economy.

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Quality Growth Strategy

The Quality Growth Strategy features a diversified portfolio that places an increased emphasis on long term free cash flow growth prospects. The Strategy is not restricted by a minimum yield requirement which allows the portfolio to hold stock in well-run companies that are experiencing accelerated growth in revenue and earnings.

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Core Dividend Strategy

The Core Dividend Strategy features a unique portfolio that focuses on a more long term growth policy.

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Brookmont Equity Dividend Unit Investment Trusts

Brookmont Capital has partnered with First Trust Portfolios, LP and serves as an advisor for a series of Unit Investment Trust (UIT) portfolios that focus on dividend-centric equities. The Brookmont Equity Dividend UITs are available for purchase through national and regional brokerage firms.

Mutual Funds Sub-Advised by First Foundation

Our products are available through institutions and select advisory platforms.

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